Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Four Awesome Things About TCU's Defensive Coordinator

So I'm watching the Poinsetta Bowl, wanna fight about it? Anyway, TCU is pretty much manhandling NIU, and most notably have completely shut down freak of nature Garrett Wolfe (who currently has 7 rushes for -3 yards). Lou Holtz talked a little bit about Dick Bumpas, the Defensive Coordinator at TCU, and I've decided he is one of the coolest people in college football. Here are four things that kick ass about Dick Bumpas.

  • His name is awesome. And vaguely suggestive.

  • He has an absolutely bitchin' mustache:

    I call it "The Peg-Legged Drifter"

  • He used to coach for Notre Dame. He was the defensive line coach from 1990-1992, and tutored Chris Zorich.

  • Finally, his last name is "Bumpas". Just like the neighbors in A Christmas Story whose dogs terrorize the house.


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