Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hat Tricks

Tomorrow, blue-chip Offensive Lineman and hulking behemoth man-god Sam Young will be announcing his decision on where to play football. Young is the #23 prospect in the country according to Rivals and would be a great punctuation mark on an already fantastic recruiting class for the O-Line.

Peronally, I'm hoping he does that thing with the three hats for the different schools that has really started to catch on. You know, where the hats are laid out on the table, and he picks one up and plays with it for a while, then puts it down and grabs another one? What started out as a cheap thrill during high school All-American games has really started to spread into mainstream society. For example, last week I went to the hospital for some tests, and the doctor came back with three hats:




Just Gas

Or at my Arraignment Hearing...


Release on Recognizance

$100,000 Bail

Remanded to Custody

It's even found its way into the bedroom...


Not Tonight, Have Headache

Sorry, Treating Infection

Fine, Just Make it Quick

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Please, share your stories in the comments.