Thursday, August 31, 2006

Friday Night Lites - Kickoff Classic Edition

Awwwwwwwwwww, shiiit. It's time for some Friday Night Lites, bitches! As I qualify in my intro, I've been battling the cold this week, so I've been on a strict regimen of cold medicine, NyQuil, sleep depravation, and good old germ-killing booze. Suffice to say, my voice is all over the map, especially since some of these segments were recorded on different days with varying degrees of sinus infection.

But no worries, because this is the bombest Friday Night Lites ever. The man, the myth, the legend, Orson Freaking Swindle from EDSBS is in the house shooting the breeze about Notre Dame - Georgia Tech, tailgating, and his bizarre personal fetishes. And to top it off, Jay from Blue-Gray Sky phones in and we talk about some seroius Irish football.

Also, you might notice the new segment on the show: The Lightning Round. Seven questions in rapid succession while Zombie Nation plays in the background. Both of my guests fared admirably, but left some room for improvement. The updated leaderboard:

Lightning Round Leaderboard
Jay (Blue-Gray Sky)
Orson (EDSBS)

And just for kicks, some Thursday game liveblogging:
  • Miami(OH) and Northwestern is a freaking taffy pull. Dropped screen passes, two yard scrambles, aimless offense. Thank god for special teams, otherwise we'd be staring down a 0-0 tie in 36 overtimes.
  • How cool is it that Northwestern has a quarterback named Kafka? A perfect name for a Kafkaesque game (seriously, read that link).
  • Central Michigan scores on fourth down, and they are now covering the spread. What a fantastic turn of events! Oh, they also have a chance to tie it if they stop BC here. Go Directional Michigan!
  • Some guy named Smelley is playing quarterback for South Carolina.
Allright, enough of that. I'm going drinking. Enjoy the podcast.

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