Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So Much for Ernesto

Well, the great Hurricane Ernetso scare seems to have come to a conclusion, as the latest word is that it has lost its power and will seen be heading out to sea. Ernesto is no longer a hurricane, but a Tropical Depression, which means instead of roaring across costal areas and unleashing watery hell on levees and dykes, it will be mostly bumming out with iPod headphones in its ears, gently bobbing its head to the anguished sounds of Morrissey and The Smiths.

Having grown up in Denver and spending my adulthood years in South Bend and Chicago, I'm what you would call a dyed-in-the-wool landlubber. Ernesto was the first time my personal life was ever directly threatened by a hurricane, and I'm thankful that things turned out well. I'm so thankful, in fact, that I made a shirt to commemorate the event, and I invite you Midwesterners to join in and celebrate:

We'll all remember where we were when we lived through the menace of Ernesto. Well, those of us who are completely landlocked will.