Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday Night Quickies

Where have I been today? Knocked on my ass by this charming little fellow on your right here, the common cold virus. I've been jacked up on cold medicine all day, had a few beers after work, and just downed a double dose of NyQuil, so apologies if I begin to sound like Marco tonight. I'll try to keep my rambling brief and topical. The plan is to rock myself with a wide variety of drugs so that I will be a functional human being when I hop on the plane for Atlanta.

  • Two great interviews went into the can tonight. Friday Night Lites will be up at its standard time.
  • The House is getting some pub from the newspapers. Those of you who subscribe to the Lexington Herald-Ledger (and why wouldn't you) can see sportswriter John Clay give a nod to the House Rock Built as one of "five fun blogs" to read this college football season. Totally freaking sweet! If any of you actually have a copy of this paper, shoot me an e-mail and let me know if you can clip me the article and mail it over. A miniature liquor bottle lies in your future as a reward if you can!
  • I added a couple shirts to the store. Some Paterno-loves-brains hilarity for the upcoming PSU game, and a House Rock Built jersey for your favorite player: Jeff SAMARDJZIXARZIKYZKA.

    Shop, consume, fight the Communist menace!