Monday, August 14, 2006

What You Missed in the Blogsphere

  • Jeff from Ramblin Racket put together a little tailgating primer for Atlanta on In Dodd We Trust before catching a rocket ride to superstardom on Sports Blog Nation. He was also cool enough to do a little Q&A I sent him about Georgia Tech, like, five seconds after I sent him the e-mail (does this guy ever sleep?) Anyway, it's chock full of useful information for those of you, like myself, who will be making their first trip to Atlanta and are in need of a good primer on how to have a fun time and stay out of a dirty Georgia prison. For you Atlanta resident bloggers out there (ahem, Orson), how about you help us out with a "What To Do" guide and perhaps a rundown on the local open container ordinances?

    My interview with Jeff and Nathan from Golden Tornado will be up a bit closer to gametime with GT, so keep your eyes out.

  • The thought had crossed my mind to do some superhero parodies of ESPN's newest weirdness, but Sean at Kelly Green is light years ahead of the game here. So far, he's got Jason Whitlock, Tyrone Willingham, and the obligatory Lloyd Carr has breasts joke (who saw that coming?) Those lovable little scamps.

  • I just got my copy of Here Come the Irish 2006, so I'm excitied to do some bedtime reading about the Irish by some great writers (except for that hack Jay Barry, who the hell invited him to write? {insert appropriate emoticon to convey good-natured joking}) Anyone on campus during the Penn State game is invited to stop by the meet-and-greet with the contributors at the Notre Dame bookstore from 9 to 11. I'll be there pressing the flesh and chatting about football with some of the other writers, so feel free to stop by. I guess technically it's a "book signing", but I can't really think of any reason anybody would want me to sign anything. However, if you ladies out there want me to sign your rack, I suppose I can be persuaded to do so.

  • Preseason NFL is an interesting diversion. I caught the Saints-Titans game on TiVo and watched Reggie Bush pull one of his patented "run around like a madman and suddenly appear fifty yards downfield" tricks. I didn't think he'd be able to get away with that at the NFL level, but damned if he didn't do it on his second carry from scrimmage. He's a freak. Vince Young looked pretty jittery but had a couple of decent plays. LenDale White was sidelined for "disciplinary reasons".

  • Today's practice video showed a lot of players doing their drills while wearing pink helmets. Anybody out there know why?

    UPDATE: Angel from Irish Eyes, God love her, clued me in on the meaning of the pink helmets. During special teams practices, players from both offense and defense are used. Instead of changing around jerseys, they put on snazzy pink helmets put pink slips over their helmets to differentiate the teams. If you haven't subscribed to Irish Eyes, what are you waiting for?