Monday, October 30, 2006

Vote Brady Quinn for Heisman... or Vote John Linnell

Joy of joys, every college football fan in the world now has a way to have an influence on the Heisman race! Nissan has launched a voting site on ESPN that is auctioning off their Heisman vote to the winner of their Internet popularity contest. Make your voice heard here.

Naturally, this brings up a few concerns. First, how the hell does Nissan have a vote for the Heisman? It seems kind of arbitrary to give a vote to an inanimate object, and doubly so when you know what they're going to do with it (i.e., auction it off).

Secondly, the Heisman committee seems to be demonstrating an unshakable faith in the Internet Poll thhat, franky, I feel is unwarranted. I guess they're not up-to-date on these stories, but it was an online poll that voted They Might Be Giants frontman and accordion player-extraordinaire John Linnell one of People Magazine's 10 Sexiest People (ten sexiest people, mind you. He was competing with both men and women). Never, ever doubt the power of throngs of nerds on the Internet and their ability to conquer logic and reason through voting.

It looks like Chris Leak is enjoying a John Linnell moment right now, as he is in a very comfortable second place right now. That's right, the same Chris Leak whose own fans gave him the torch & pitchfork treatment after his collapse against Auburn. Yay Democracy!

Anyway, fight fire with fire and stuff the box for Brady.

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