Monday, October 23, 2006

Blogpoll: Wheat vs. Chaff Edition

RankTeamD elta
1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan --
3 Southern Cal --
4 Auburn --
5 Florida 1
6 Tennessee 1
7 Notre Dame 1
8 Texas 3
9 Arkansas --
10 California --
11 Louisville 6
12 Boston College 6
13 Clemson 6
14 Boise State --
15 West Virginia --
16 Wisconsin 5
17 Rutgers 3
18 LSU 2
19 Texas A&M 7
20 Missouri 6
21 Oregon 9
22 Oklahoma 3
23 Nebraska 6
24 Georgia Tech 11
25 Wake Forest 2
Dropped Out: Georgia (#22), Pittsburgh (#24).
Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially sobered up enough to put together this week's blogpoll. Enjoy kiddos.

  • Three undefeated teams with real resumes, so top three is pretty self-explanatory. What are three historically great teams with jerkoff fanbases? I'll take "Teams I'm Eagerly Waiting to See Fail" for $200, Alex.

  • Next up, the self-flaggelating wheel at the top of the SEC standings. Not particularly knowing what to do with these teams, I pretty much stuck them all together in roughly the order of who beat whom. I still have Arkansas at the bottom of the pile despite the immutable law of transitivity, but I feel somewhat justified in doing so. While they had an impressive game against Auburn, I'd like to see the Hogs play one more good game against the top half of the SEC before I consider them one of the big dogs as opposed to a scrappy underdog who pulled out a big win.

  • Notre Dame, Texas and Cal round out the top ten as good-intentioned squads with a humiliating loss. You can kind of shuffle these three around any way you want, as they're all pretty similar. All three came within a hair's breadth of losing on Saturday, and they've all shown that, while quite capable, they've got some demons that can rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune times. Texas has made quite the catapult in recent weeks after beating their first two truly legitimate opponents of the season, so good on ya.

  • Up next, the cream of the ACC, Big East, and WAC. You know, the mid-major love. Louisville stumbles a bit after a few weeks of their eye-rollingly bad Big East schedule. They were riding some momentum from their win over Miami, but subsequent weeks have made me think that derailing that clown car in Coral Gables isn't quite the historical accomplishment that it used to be. As such, they're joining the cluster of WVU, Rutgers, and Boise State in the "whoopedy fuck, you're undefeated" club near the center of the rankings.

    BC and Clemson have shown they're clearly the cream of the ACC, but that's somewhat of a dubious honor. I know I'm rigidly and nonsensically clinging to a narrow overtime victory by the Eagles in standing firm on ranking BC ahead of Clemson each week, but I just don't think there's enough evidence of Clemson being so superior to BC that they should be ranked ahead of them despite the loss. Although C.J. Spiller's quantum runs (where he passes through every spot on the field simultaneously en route to the end zone... yeah, he's that fast) are building up a case.

  • And now, some one and two loss teams that are kind of okay! Hooray! Everything else is a grab bag. Teams with good records who have played some kind of okay games slot themselves in pretty arbitrarily. Some of these teams are capable of doing something memorable in the second half of the season that will warrant a ranking hike, but for now they're all pretty much equally anonymous. I'm not going to quibble too much with where they land, since they're all pretty interchangable at this point.

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