Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The House Rock Built Remains on Vacation

Sorry to run off without any warning... things have been pretty busy in the midst of celebrating St. Patrick's Month. This week is the House Rock Built's annual Vegas trip, with guaranteed hilarity to ensue, and next week the House will be hitting the road in east Texas for a week or so. Suffice to say, things will remain quiet around here until after all of that, at which point we will be in full swing for spring practice and have much more entertaining information to pass along.

When the House does come back, we'll be updating on spring practice, planning out our Blue-Gold game festivities (details are still forthcoming, but all readers can expect an open invitation to the HRB tailgate), and checking in with Dink & Dunk. For now, enjoy the hoops tournament and the sunshine and laugh at the fact that, at this very moment, I'm probably in the Nevada desert burying a hooker.

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