Wednesday, December 29, 2010

El Narcocorrido de Brian "El Churro" Kelly, Jefe de El Paso

It's only been a few short days since Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly arrived in El Paso, Texas, but a quick glance at his Twitter page reveals that he has already worked his way through the ranks of the border town's seamy underbelly and risen to the position of unrivaled crime syndicate boss. The House Rock Built is slightly concerned that our dear muppet coach has lost sight of his work with the team and instead "gone native", but at the same time we welcome the comedic value of coach Kelly's transformation into "El Churro", the hard-boiled border-town crime boss slash illegal cinnamon trafficker slash blade runner that rules the borderlands with an iron fist yet an abiding tenderness and vigilant protectiveness for his downtrodden and impoverished de facto subjects. We say viva el Jefe! viva El Churro!

Not surprisingly, word of his poncho-wearing, gatorskin boot-wearing exploits have reached the barrios of Chihuahua, and the inevitable slew of Narcocorridos (go ahead and click to get a refresher - it's funnier if you do...) praising his nefarious exploits have hit the airwaves and filled up the cantinas of la frontera. This is one particularly jarring ballad that we feel deserves more attention. Escuchate:

¬°El Churro lo ve todo!

Musica ripped from this jaunty ballad by Negra y Azul, a tune they wrote for the (fuckingohmygotincrediblenetflixitnow) AMC series Breaking Bad. Want to make it very clear that we're crediting them, because narcocorrido bands enjoy a reputation of being seriously tough bro-hams, and the House Rock Built desperately would like to avoid spending this New Year's beheaded in the Chihuaua desert.