Friday, December 23, 2005

Things that Make Me Laugh

Man, I love the University of Navy. If any of you were drinking in the Rosemont, IL area and heard a crazy jackass yelling at the television rooting for Navy, that was me, and I'm sorry I hit on your girlfriend. But come on, look what she was wearing, it's not like she wasn't asking for it. They fumble the ball confusciously, but most of those were overturned by instant replay, which is wicked cool. Anchors Aweigh, m-f's!

Also, Sean over at Kelly Green came up with a wicked impressive offensive gameplan which takes advantage of Urban Meyer's recruiting strategy and will undoubtedly will make him the next "it" coach in college football. Just make sure you stock up with JuCo's and get plenty of admissions exemptions, cause you'll need them to run your crazy scheme.

Bottoms up, mates! Merry Christmas to all!

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