Friday, January 06, 2006

Aaaaarmy Training!!

Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear, and when I do, it's usually something unusual.

Well, one last cool-down exercise before we can put the lid on this football season: The Army All-American Bowl. You college football junkies out there can spend the day drinking beers and yelling at a bunch of high school seniors for the entire afternoon (and this time, you won't get arrested for it!). Afterwards, it's lights out until signing day, followed by that long, horrible time we call summer.

Irish fans can rejoice, though, because this years' recruiting class has quite a showing. All told, ten Irish commits are partaking (two of whom, Demetrius Jones and Darrin Walls will not be playing due to injury), plus four other prospects that may be announcing in the near future. So enjoy the show, and make sure you're up to date on the...


The Player Bios page on the Army website gives a very candid insight into some of the players by displaying their nicknames. It's never too soon to know these by heart, although we shouuld probably expect some to change (anyone remember what their nickname was in high school? I'd tell you mine, but then the tears would start flowing again.) Here are some highlights:

James Aldridge: "Moose"

An excellent nickname, in my humble opinion. Wikipedia informs us that
Alces alces, called the moose in North America and the elk in Europe (see also elk for other animals called elk) is the largest of all the deer family Cervidae, distinguished from other members of Cervidae by the form of the antlers of its males.
Famous Mosses Meese Moose (plural) include: Edward "Moose" Krause, Johan "Moose" Hedberg, and the suggestively-named Moose Johnson.

Sorry, folks. Park's closed. Moose out front should have told you.

Matt Carufel: "The Kid"

Although Carufel is not a Notre Dame commit at this point, conventional wisdom is pointing towards his announcement for ND coming up soon, possibly even at the game. At any rate, it wouldn't hurt to get acquainted with his nickname, "The Kid". I actually kind of like it, it makes him sound like a notorious bank robber ("I'm letting you live. Run back to town and tell them about The Minneapolis Kid.") or maybe a pool shark ("You idiot! You just made a $200 wager on that game? Don't you know who that is? It's the Minnesota Kid.") Either way, I can roll with it.

Famous Kids: Billy the Kid, Kid Rock, Robert "Kid Notoriouis" Evans

Raeshon McNeil: "Mack Daddy"

Now, where I come from, that's an appelation that no man would self-apply. But we're willing to give Raeshon a free pass on this one, since he was probably only three or four years old when Chris "Mack Daddy" Kelley and Chris "Daddy Mack" Smith invaded the rollerskating scene with their infectious single "Jump". Presumably, he means the traditional definition of "Mack Daddy", which Webster's describes as:
A well-respected male who operates with a preternatural ease when acquiring favors from the opposite sex.

And inside out is wiggita-wiggita wack. Word

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