Monday, August 07, 2006

Spurrier Sees Something You Clearly Don't

Pardon me while I pull a Navin Johnson, but, "The new rankings are here! The new rankings are here!". The Week 1 Coach's Poll is out, and it's more or less what you would expect: a barometer for preseason hype. The Irish pulled in nine first place votes and sit in a tie for #3 with USC, which is the highest preseason ranking for the Irish since 1952 (okay, that's not true, but I have no idea what the real answer is. 1994 maybe?).

As to be expected, Steve Spurrier is up to his usual shennanigans. By all indications, SOS fills out his coach's poll ballot a lot like I fill out the annoying sign-in forms on newspaper websites: with completely random information. This year's petty statement against the mechanism of polling? The OBC dedicated his 25th place vote to the Duke Blue Devils. Id est, the college football Duke Blue Devils who went winless in Division 1A football last year. Apparently, Spurrier thinks Duke will turn out a performance every week like their lone dominating victory over the Virginia Military Institute last year.

Spurrier gives a half-hearted explanation about loyalty in the AJC article, but to me it's indicative of how much of a joke he considers the poll. Granted, I have spent many an hour spouting off on how flawed the poll system is, but I also feel that, with so much importance placed on it, a person who doesn't take it seriously should abdicate their position as a voter. Besides, it will give him more time for golf.

The House Rock Built is getting a little irritated with Steve Spurrier. We also hate cans.


At 11:55 PM, Anonymous JVH said...

According to the ND football database( ND was ranked third heading into 1994 and 1992. The Irish were ranked number 1 in 1990. So you are correct.

FYI, in 1952 ND started the year at number 10.

At 1:01 PM, Blogger Kilted Domer said...

You're absolutely right. With the dearth of a real system for choosing national champions, the polls should be taken seriously, and particularly by those who are being polled.

The problem arises in the fact that if Spurrier was to be cut loose due to his comments, you'd see Florida and Scare-olina fans up in arms about the polls' treatment of this laureate of American coaching (PLEASE note the sarcasm here). Maybe the Cocks don't have the pull to make the NCAA and pollsters care, but you can bet the Gators do.

At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Andy said...

Give the man a break! What's one lousy 25th place vote? This is from a Tennessee Vols fan who went to Spurrier's TN high school. (Where he is still hated for being a turncoat!)


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