Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blogpoll Week 3

For your amusement:

1 Ohio State --
2 Auburn 1
3 Oregon 2
4 Southern Cal --
5 Michigan 4
6 Florida 4
7 West Virginia 8
8 Louisville 13
9 Georgia 2
10 Iowa 12
11 Arizona State 9
12 Boise State 4
13 Tennessee 7
14 Notre Dame 12
15 Louisiana State 2
16 Texas 8
17 Boston College 4
18 Navy 6
19 Florida State 7
20 Virginia Tech 1
21 TCU 5
22 Clemson 4
23 Oklahoma 12
24 Michigan State 2
25 Rutgers --

Dropped Out: Pittsburgh (#14), Miami (Florida) (#18), UCLA (#23).

Swing? You betcha. Again, teams that haven't had a signature win yet (Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia Tech, to name a few) are riding the pine in the lower half of the rankings. Louisville jumps up in the polls after beating, admittedly, an unranked team, but that's because they've looked awesome as hell up to this point and I was waiting for a convincing reason to move them up. I was accused in the week 2 wrapup of being a hater on the 'ville, but I can honestly say I was just waiting for them to play an actual football team. The results are in, and they're positive. Everything else is self-explanatory. Navy is fucking metal.

Games Watched: West Virginia-Maryland, Notre Dame - somebody I can't really remember, bits of BYU-BC. Pretty slow week for gamewatching, what with the soul-searing depression and all.



At 8:36 AM, Anonymous samari said...

how do you have FSU above clemson? how do you have FSU up there at all?

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oregon?!? They lost to Oklahoma for crying out loud!

At 1:28 PM, Blogger fightinamish said...

An egregious oversight in the Clemson/Florida State swap. I corrected it, but I'm not sure I got it in by the deadline.

Oregon may have "lost" to Oklahoma, but if we're going to retroactively overturn every bad Pac 10 refs call, I might as well award the Irish the 1964 National Championship as well.

At 2:05 PM, Blogger Mr. A said...

Lovley description of the Mids Brian.

At 4:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

True about the '64 championship, but at least they didn't have instant replay to help them out back then. These guys managed to not only screw up 7 yards vs. 10, but Oregon didn't even recover the freakin' ball! Then they managed to determine that a perfectly thrown spiral instantaneously changed direction at the line of scrimmage without any help of being redirected by the DL. Oregon will get some love but they'll get beat by the only legitimate team in their conference (U$C), lose to Cal, struggle with the Beavers in the Civil War, bitch and moan about not being in the BCS, and then get their ass handed to them in the Holiday Bowl.

And no, I'm not a OK fan. I actually don't like the Big XII. I just hate the Ducks more. I'm also probably irrationally fixated on those calls since they were the first thing I saw when I flipped the channel to stop watching my beloved Irish get killed on NBC.

At 10:02 AM, Blogger heimae said...

Finally, louisville with the respect. They will do great things even without their best players. Being from Southern Indiana, I LOVE my irish, but i Like my cards.


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