Friday, September 15, 2006

Best. Friday Night Lites. Ever.

It's Friday Night Lites time, and this week's episode does nothing to disappoint. On the show tonight are two badass Michigan bloggers, Brian from mgoblog and Yost from The M Zone. For a couple of guys who support the worst football team of all time, ever, they're pretty cool and give a hell of an interview. Some highlights, if you're still trying to decide if you want to listen or not:

  • Zoltan the inconceivable!! Brian and I discuss the Romanian punter for Michigan, and I get to indulge myself and say a line straight out of a Bond movie: "Welcome, Mr. Cook. I've been expecting you. Tell me everything you know about Project Zoltan".
  • You can clearly hear me slugging down Black Russians during my interviews. Kind of like the glory days of Harry Caray.
  • Brian from mgo does not wear pants. Ever. We have him on record saying that. Don't start a stampede, ladies. There's plenty to go around.

    The Dude abides.

  • Yost talks about internet porn. Three fucking times. Then, he has the audacity to apologize for it. Dude, there aren't any rules on Friday Night Lites.
  • I explain my theory why there are so many Michigan bloggers (long story short, what else do you do with a degree in Kinesiology?)
  • Some serious ass is kicked on the Lightning Round. Feast your eyes on these updated standings:

  • Lightning Round Leaderboard
    Brian (mgoblog)
    Yost (The M Zone)
    Mike (Fire Mark May)
    Jay (Blue-Gray Sky)
    Orson (EDSBS)

  • We talk a lot about this crazy as hell clip of Chad Henne's high school coach. If you haven't seen it yet on EDSBS, then have a quick gander here:

Enjoy the show!

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