Monday, December 26, 2005

Dink & Dunk The Cartoon!

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Dink & Dunk join you in their new psychotic medium. Today, they tackle the issue that's certainly been bugging a lot of us.

Seriously, ESPN needs to scale back the USC hype. USC is a great team, God knows we've all figured that out on our own. But look, we've got the undisputed 1-2 matchup in the Rose Bowl for all the marbles, so there's no need to generate excitement, especially when it requires unabashedly rooting for one of the teams. Let's just play the freakin game. If USC wins, then you can go ahead and beat me over the head with this "Greatest of all Time" talk. Just wait. Please. At least uphold the appearance of objectivity, if for no other reason than your journalistic integrity.

Yeah, we know the rules. If the House Rock Built gets on a soap box and rants, we must pay the penalty and post a picture of a man dressed like a piece of fruit. Feast away, ye savages.