Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Big, Big House

As if it wasn't already the best place on the face of the earth to ever catch a college football game, Michigan has pulled out the stops and approved a $283743980749378 renovation plan to turn the hallowed grounds of Michigan Stadium into the snazziest monument to architectural excess this side of Las Vegas. The plan calls for upgraded restrooms and concessions, an endless array of very expensive luxury boxes, a 500-foot statue of Lloyd Carr (complete with animatronic waving arm and a pyrotechnic blast of fire from his nostrils after every Michigan first down), and a special throne for Charlie Weis to sit on and render judgment on the fate of the athletes on the field.

We dispatched our two most fearless reporters to investigate the new digs, and they filed this dilligent report on what we can expect gameday in Ann Arbor to be like in the coming years:

(click thumbnail for comic)