Sunday, September 03, 2006

Apparently, Alabamans are not into Expanding their Cultural Awareness

I picked up a copy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in the airport this morning to flip through during my flight back to Chicago. After leafing through several pages of idiotic whining about how badly Tech was jobbed on a "controversial" personal foul (a heads-up to the AJC editor, "disliked by angry rednecks with water bottles despite being empirically self-evident" is not synonymous "controversial", natch), I found a hysterical quip at the bottom of the recap of the Alabama-Hawaii game:

Cultural Diversity: Before the kickoff, Hawaii players gathered in front of the Alabama student section and performed a traditional Polynesian dance while "Sweet Home Alabama" played over the loudspeakers. The crowd booed.
(I don't have a link for the article, as it doesn't appear to be on the AJC website, but I was able to find this article off the wire service on a Google search which recaps the event in the last paragraph.)

Anyway, I almost choked the death on my Tendercrisp sandwich from laughing so hard. Haka dance? Alabama? Lynyrd Skynyrd blasting from the loudspeakers? A chorus of boos? Is this real, or was it just a crazy hallucination the writer had during an exceptionally intense peyote bender? Please, dear readers, please tell me someone out there has a firsthand account or a picture of this event! If you do, shoot me an e-mail as soon as possible so we can get to the heart of this story. I know Warren St. John was there, hopefully he can help clue us in.

I picked a hell of a day to stop sniffing glue.