Monday, September 25, 2006

Avast! Blogpoll Number Four!

For entertainment purposes only:

1 Ohio State --
2 Auburn --
3 Oregon --
4 Southern Cal --
5 Michigan --
6 Florida --
7 Louisville 1
8 Georgia 1
9 Iowa 1
10 Tennessee 3
11 Boise State 1
12 Notre Dame 2
13 Cal 13
14 TCU 7
15 Louisiana State --
16 Texas --
17 Clemson 2
18 West Virginia 11
19 Virginia Tech 1
20 Georgia Tech 6
21 Oklahoma 1
22 Arizona State 11
23 Boston College 6
24 Rutgers 1
25 Wake Forest 1

Dropped Out: Navy (#18), Michigan State (#23), Florida State (#24).

Okay, 1 through 6 are the same. I don't really believe in dissecting the exact quality of wins, and all of these teams played and beat mid-range-ish conference teams without anything too exceptional happening. Auburn played some cannon fodder, but they are riding on a good resume of BCS victories, so they're cool.

Cal shooting up 13 places after a win seems a bit excessive, but it was more of a correction for my ranking of them last week. With their blowout loss and a week three game against some unnamed bitch school, I got vengeful and banished Cal from my rankings. After beating Arizona State, and convincingly, they have a wins over two solid BCS schools, which is more than can be said for almost all of the teams ranked below them. So there.

Texas continues to get "hated upon", I guess. I'm sure that Texas is a fine football squad, but they only have one real win against a middling conference team. If they start rolling through conference play, they'll shoot up the polls, but for now their resume is crap.

West Virginia plummets because I finally got sick of looking at their schedule. I was fine to let them slide by, as everyone was feasting on cupcakes, but the season is a third over and I became very wrathful when I saw Marshall, unnamed Bitch, Maryland, and East Carolina on the resume. Let's talk when you've played a football team.

24 and 25 are my vanity picks for surprising underdogs who have stirred up some noise.