Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Night Lites - Bringing the Hate

On a very touching Friday Night Lites, we preview the Michigan State game by having a chat with The Enlightened Spartan, then wrap things up with a chat with the House Rock Built's consiglieri Captain Eclectic, who gives a personal account of the life of a tortured Domer hailing from that awful, awful state of Michigan. You want highlights? Here's some highlights:

  • We answer the timeless question... after you have sex with a girl, is it impolite to plant a flag in the middle of her bedroom? (Answer: hell no!)
  • For some reason, there is some mention of dead fetuses. What the hell is this show coming to?
  • We test the education the Enlightened Spartan received at his Agricultural College. The results are less than impressive (he doesn't even know how many gallons of milk the average dairy cow produces in a day).
  • We do John L. Smith impersonations. These players are working their backsides off, but the goddamn coaching staff is screwing it all up!
  • Speaking of John L. Smith, we found his love parents:

    Dick Vitale


    Sling Blade


    John L. Smith

And updated Lightning Round stats. Two big hitters today:

Lightning Round Leaderboard
The Enlightened Spartan
Captain Eclectic
Brian (mgoblog)
Yost (The M Zone)
Mike (Fire Mark May)
Jay (Blue-Gray Sky)
Orson (EDSBS)

Enjoy, you savages!

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At 10:40 AM, Blogger Kilted Domer said...

Jay and Orson are going to need another shot at this just to catch up with all the other guys.

At 10:14 PM, Blogger Kilted Domer said...

Okay, after having listened to the whole thing, particularly the interview with Captain Eclectic, I have to chime in with what might be a very lengthy and possibly rambling comment, so bear with me.

Like the Captain, I grew up in Michigan as a Notre Dame fan, and was subject to the same sort of treatment as he was. But my views on the backwaterness of the state of Michigan are tempered by two things. First, I grew up in a very fairly small town in central Michigan and not in the frighteningly right-wing western half of the state. Second, I have since moved to Columbus, OH (where I have lived for the past 10 years and, if we are to be forced to take the field against Ohio State yet again this season, I hereby volunteer to assume the Captain Eclectic role in BASHING the state of the opponent).

Outside of football and the admittedly correct estimations by the dear Captain of the fans of Michigan and MSU, I actually love the Great Lake State and would move back there in a second if my wife (who is from Texas and is therefore always cold) could be convinced. It would pretty much be an improvement over the domestic fans I put up with now.

Now keep in mind that I am probably a bit older than the Captain and our host (I graduated from ND in '92) and therefore have a very different outlook on Michigan and Michigan State than you guys probably do.

When I was growing up, we just simply didn't PLAY Michigan all that often, and State was our perennial whipping boy (for the most part). We didn't start playing Michigan regularly until 1978 after they actually came to campus to teach us the game back in 1887. So growing up, there was no head-to-head play until I was 10 years old. I suppose the fact that my dad (an ND grad) got his MBA from U of M made Michigan a little less unpalatable to me, though I never failed to cheer for the Irish EVER.

But I got into it with my classmates and friends a lot during those post-1977 years, especially since the coach during most of my middle and high school years was Gerry Faust. Lou's first year was my senior year in high school. So once I got to college, we didn't lose to a Big 10 school PERIOD for four years, much less Michigan.

And the Spartans? Criminy, in my first home game as a freshman, we were up 2-0 against them after Blake Ezor fielded the kickoff on the one and stepped back into his own endzone for the "touchback." They were never even considered. The MSU fans in my school were too sheepish to try to lay smack on me.

But being in a small town, I was easily identifiable as "that Notre Dame fan" as my family were, in fact, the ONLY ND fans around for miles. When I got to fifth grade, I was wearing one of my ND sweatshirts when one of the teachers saw it and said something to the effect of "Notre Dame? I guess I know whose kid you are." It wasn't like I could hide. Nor did I choose to - especially when my high school fight song was the Victory March and I chose to sing it CORRECTLY. I think you can see where I'm going with that, so 'nuff said.

Anyway, without going into just how much the state of Ohio sucks and blows (and not in a friendly way) I'll sum it up by saying: Captain Eclectic, I feel your pain. But it really could be a lot worse.


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