Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some Quick Purdue Highlights

  • As I mentioned before, there are no Purdue bloggers. This will make it tricky for my standard Q&A and Friday Night Lites, so I might just have to pull in a random Big 10 expert. Shame on you, Purdue, and shame on your indifferent fans. You'd think with all those engineers there would be one pasty dork with way too much free time to carry the torch. Sigh.

  • In my first ever post on this blog, I broke down the overwhelming mustachitude of Purdue's coaching staff. Well, turnover is a bitch, and this year's staff is a very clean-shaven bunch, with all of the mustaches purged except for Tiller and my personal favorite Brock Spack. New Defensive Line Coach Terrell Williams does sport a 'stache, but it's an underwhelming little ditty that looks like it was drawn on with an eyeliner pencil. Weak.

  • The 2005 game in West Lafayette was the most beautiful game I have witnessed in person. I think we all remember very vividly the infamous Ron Franklin quote:

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