Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Bulletin Board

It's Hate Week. If you're not hating, you're not trying. A-B-H. A - always, B - be, H - hatin'. Hate hate hate hate hate.

In the event that you do need a little more help, this post will be the official House Rock Built bulletin board. I'm going to collect up all the trash talking I've found and consolidate it here. I figure reading over this with the Pete Carroll flash intro music playing in the background should be enough to make any rational person run out and kick a puppy in the face. Hang onto that feeling. It will make you strong.

The House Rock Built's Official Bulletin Board

  • How does it feel, Irish fans, to be pwned by a poodle? Like this, apparently. Woof. - The Irish Trojan
    (Editor's Note: If you don't understand what "pwned" is, go ask the kid working at starbucks with the bad complexion and horrible haircut.)

  • You guys are kidding right? Have you even tried starring at your own goddamn coach for five minutes?! What a fat ass. Makes me want to barf. [S]eriously, is there are a less attractive coach in D-I sports than Charlie Weis? I'm being dead serious. - anonymous

  • If [Charlie Weis] has balls he can't see them without a mirror, that's for sure. He's already doing 60 minutes interviews taking credit for being the best coach in college football and the guy has done nothing in 2 seasons, but lead Notre Dame to their most embarrassing home-loss in 50 years, beat a bunch of below .500 teams a top program SHOULD beat, and kept it close in a loss to Pete Carroll. Go Irish!!!... right to your 14th straight year without a bowl win. - sandyunderpants

  • [Charlie Weis] may cry a few emphathetic tears for Brady Quinn’s familiy when, in his anger over Notre Dame’s blowout loss, and in order to feed his insatiable hunger, he eats Brady Quinn on the flight home. - The Irish Trojan
    (Editor's Note: Brave soul "Joe" goes where most of us wouldn't dare in his retort in comment #19. The gloves come off in hate week)

  • Charlie "fat-fuck" Weis is the most disgusting arrogant coach ever. After administering a beatdown this year, we are going to show Jimmy "emu" Clausen what D-I football is all about next year. - anonymous

  • LMFAO!! Notre Dame is so overated. Who do they play? They have not beat a top 25 team in how long?...Thank You!! - anonymous
    (Editor's note: OMG ROFL, twice in September this yr which was totally 4evar ago! LMA!O!)

  • Bunch of mid-west jack-asses [sic], the grass won't be 3 ft high this year! you bringing rudy with you? i don't know who whines the loudest... espn of [sic] the irish we all know the whole big ten whine [sic]. but not like the irish. when you can knock off a michigan or a ohio st. who the fuck is army/navy/air force? you would never see a team with that kind of callibur [sic] on our field. - anonymous English professor (I presume)

  • I can't wait for our linebackers to remove Brady QUinn's head from his body. If I played for Notre Dame, I would feel like a piece of shit knowing that the only reason they go to bowl games is because of their fan base and not their talent on the field. I can't wait till Saturday when we get a good look at USC's depth chart, as the Trojans should gut the Irish early letting some new blue chippers into the game. Stafon Johnson, a 5-star recruit is looking for garbage time, and I expect him to get it in the second half when we are up by more than 2 td's. - anonymous

  • Oh and speaking of gutsy, I'm trying to remember who won the game last year at your house. Or just what bowls your team has won in the last 13 years. Or what exactly the score was between you and Ohio State last year. Anyway, I'm a little worried for you guys, worried that your coach may die from a heart attack from eating too many cheeseburgers during Thanksgiving. - Jeff in LA


  • I wouldn't say I hate the Irish. They are a novelty. Like the old sexual predator in "Family Guy." Potentially viscious in theory but mostly impotent and laughable. ND is like the little dog with three legs that everyone seems to root for but laughs uncontrollably when they get too excited and fall on their face. - Jam

That's installment number one. If you see any other good smack, give me a heads-up in the comments. Trojan fans? You're more than welcome to add as much of your own smack talk in the comments. Hey, you've earned the right to be a bit braggadocious. Just remember to make sure it's littered with spelling errors and broken syntax... wait, who am I kidding? Of course you'll remember to do that.

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