Monday, February 05, 2007

The House Rock Built's 2007 Offseason Prop Bet

Greetings, readers! Hopefully, you're shaking off your Super Bowl hangovers today as we officially begin the football offseason. While we have a few entertaining moments out on the horizon, like the crazy circus that is the mad dash to National Signing Day on Wednesday and preparations for your tailgate party for the Spring Game (Notre Dame's spring scrimmage is on April 21st, mark your calendars now), we're looking at, for the most part, a long, dreary, footballless existence for the next six months. Sigh.

However, this Super Bowl awoke me to a great way to pass time for football fans desperate for entertainment: the magic of prop bets. After cleaning up on taking the "under" on Billy Joel's National Anthem performance (he came in ten seconds under the line at 1:44) and subsequently losing my shirt on the coin flip (tails never fails my ass), there's nothing like a little gambling to help pass the time. While you might not find this prop bet on an online sportsbook like Bodog yet, I'm sure you can find somebody who can put you down for this killer action:

  • What Day Will Mike Bellotti's Mustache Return?

    After propelling his Oregon Ducks to some halcyon days in the early 00's with his dignified 70's stache, Bellotti mysteriously shaved off his dustbuster and opted for the clean-shaven look. Just like that, the Ducks were shut out of a BCS bowl in '05 and suffered a humiliating loss in their undignified second-tier bowl, then proceeded to drop their last four games of '06, including a brutal bloodletting by BYU in Las Vegas while bedecked in state-of-the-art helmetry. Needless to say, the mojo needs to come back, and soon. And what better way than for Bellotti to ressurrect his trademark mustache?

    HRB's Pick: August 29th.

Any other suggestions, dear readers? Leave them in the comments.

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