Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dink & Dunk

HRB exclusive journalists Wink Dinkins and Bud Dunkowitz tag-team on the college football world like a couple of WWF heavyweights. Laugh and cry with them as they unravel week 10.

  • First and foremost, Dink & Dunk would like to toss a bouquet to the Kansas Jayhawks, who ended a 36-game losing streak against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. In a game that featured two safeties, Kansas pulled away in the fourth quarter and sat on their lead to outlast the Huskers.
    Of course, nothing that Mark Mangino has ever sat on has lived to tell the tale...

  • Next on the docket is Ron Zook's Fightin Illini, who obtained Dink & Dunk's favorite score in all of football. (Huge number of points) to 2.
    And they didn't score that 2 points the sissy way by getting a safety. Hell no. On an Ohio State extra point, the snap slipped through holder A.J. Trapasso's hands, and opportunistic Illini safety Kevin Mitchell rumbled for 75 yards to put 2 on the board.
  • Excellent job closing the deal by the N.C. State Wolfpack. Up 10 to the #9 Seminoles, the Pack put together a dominating 4th quarter performance to put the game away. Their four offensive series included a drive that netted 1 yard, two blocked punts, and an intentional safety.
    Something about hearing the words "Chuck Amato" and "Close the Deal" make me shudder profusely
  • The jobbing of the week goes to the Commodores of Vanderbilt. After scoring to pull the game within 1 against the Gators with a minute left in the game, the Commodores were flagged for a 15-yard excessive celebration penalty, negating any chance for them to seize the momentum and go for a game-winning two point conversion.
    Sure we don't want to see excessive showboating, but when Vanderbilt ties the Gators in the final minute, nothing short of putting on a tutu and dancing Swan Lake should be considered excessive celebration.

    Vanderbilt players celebrate their last TD of regulation. Gratuitous? Yes. Excessive? Hardly.

  • And finally, it looks like even the stuffy executives at NBC have a third-grade sense of humor like us. During the ND-Tennessee tilt, they made very sure to put the camera on third-string Volunteer QB Jim Bob Cooter and discuss the merits of his appelation.
    Later that day, the FCC was flooded with calls and letters complaining about the gratuitous Cooter shots. Additionally, I will be giving the eulogy tomorrow morning for this joke, which has, regrettably, just died.

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