Sunday, December 04, 2005

Decorating Tips from the House Rock Built

Some of you work in offices inhabited by graduates from the Ohio State University. Others sometimes order pizzas that are delivered by OSU graduates. One way or another, it's likely that at some point between now and bowl season you will be in a social setting with one of these strange creatures. The House Rock Built presents this authoritative guide on how to handle your OSU co-workers.

Step One, wait until they're out of the office. As luck would have it, my OSU co-worker was out of the office today.

Step Two, Print out as many pictures of Notre Dame players as you can find.

Step Three, decorate.

You see, OSU people aren't bad people, they're just misguided, confused people. They need to know the glory of Notre Dame and they certainly need to know every player on the roster by name. Be sure to include names, numbers, class year, and statistics on every picture you pin up. Like so:

Step four, and this is the important one, print out three pictures of Neutron Man. Hang them prominently with the words:

Nuff Said.

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