Friday, December 02, 2005

Whoaaaa Nellie! It's time for Mad Libs!

Keith Jackson certainly stirs up a range of emotions in people. Some people can't stand him, others feel he is unimpeachable in his sanctity in the pantheon of college football. Whatever you feel about Keith Jackson, today you have a rare opportunity to be Keith Jackson. Maybe seeing the world through Keith's eyes will help us come to a more accurate and fair judgment of the man, the myth and the legend. So go get a partner (or a pardner, if Brent Musburger is around), print out this post, and rip it in half at the line. Fill in the blanks and have a hollerin' good time!

Female Name
Down Number
i.e., first, second, third or fourth
Down Number
Number (1 through 99)
Pac 10 Team
Verb ending in -ing
Number (1 through 99)
Number (1 through 99)
Past Tense Verb
Dessert Food
Household Appliance
Retired Pac 10 Coach
Down Number
Number (1 through 10)
Something in a Toolkit (plural)
Article of Clothing
Medieval Weapon
Extinct Animal
Cut of Meat
Unit of Time
Affeminite Way of Walking
Made-Up Verb
Euphemism for Dying (past tense)
Holiday that does not occur during football season

   <-- After hitting this button, copy the field below and paste it in a comment.

The Big Game

Whoaaa, ! Have we got a donnybrook! It's and ten, sorry, make that and , and is in striking distance after a pitch and catch that netted yards and resulted, actually, well it actually resulted in a gain of . The receiver took that ball and like he had a full of strapped to his .

Now let's see what has up his sleeve. down, and here's the snap. A quick pitch and he slashes for . Boy, that back is one basket of . You think you have him ed up and he s over you like a going after a ! And it looks like we're out of time, so they will fall to... no, wait a , it's a touchdown. It's a touchdown apparently. He ed through the pile and ed into the end zone for the score right as the clock . And that's the way it will end, in a tie, as overtime, as you know, does not exist in College Football. For Dan Fouts, I'm Keith Jackson, wishing you a pleasant .

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