Friday, December 02, 2005

I'll take Sports Cliches for $619, Alex

First of all, I hate this S.O.B. I can't believe he's front and center in this blog, but that's just life I guess. He is a prodigious athlete and the best college football player in a long time, and soon enough he'll have a big ornate sculpture that indicates that fact. But while reading this ESPN chat wrap, I felt the need to poke fun at the guy who kicked everyone's ass this year (italics added for emphasis -Ed.).
Dave, Omaha: Who is the toughest team you've played all year? Who is the best player (offense or defense) you've played against?

Reggie Bush: Toughest team this year was probably Notre Dame -- although I hate to admit it. (laughs) They took us all the way down to the wire and gave us a run for our money.

Which of course necessitates this follow-up question:
Brian (Chicago): Reggie, I was wondering if Notre Dame went toe-to-toe with you? Also, were your backs up against the wall and did ND give 110%? Finally, could you comment on the importance of the fight in the dog versus the dog in the fight? Thanks, I'll hang up and listen for your answer.


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