Monday, December 05, 2005

Hot Steaming Collusion Here

USA today released the final coaches' poll ballots, so let's all bask in the accountability of it all. Be sure to see the patterns among Pac-10 coaches in their attempt to torpedo ND in favor of Oregon. Of course, the plan backfired, since in dropping ND, Ohio State was raised up enough to qualify for an automatic berth. Whoops.

I also like how Greg Schiano voted his bowl-bound Scarlet Knights #25. You keep reaching for those stars.

A couple more observations. In the parlance of the BlogPoll over at mgoblog, I think it's safe to say that Larry Blakeney from Troy State is the hands-down winner of "Mr. Bold". Talk about your mid-major love, he has TCU ranked 7th and Nevada, Toledo, and Boise state clumped up in the rankings.

The Biggest Homer award (known as the Coulter/Krugman Award at mgo) goes to Stephen Orr Spurrier, whose Cocks found their way to 21 on his ballot, ahead of Clemson. This is a 8 spot deviation from their 29th place in the entire poll. Also notable are Bob Stoops (+5), Larry Coker (+5), and Tommy Tubberville (+3). The anti-homer award (Straight Bangin' award, if you will) was a tough one to find, but Bobby Bowden and Mack Brown both voted their teams one spot behind the poll.

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