Thursday, September 07, 2006

So Much College Football, So Little Time

Allright, here's a quick digest of what slipped through the cracks.

  • Jenn Sterger is alive and well and back on the college football scene. She has not responded to my last 250 calls to join us as a guest on Friday Night Lites.

  • Fight the power, bloggers and readers! I took my first spin over to We Hate The New Clock 3-2-5-E can suck it, a clever ploy to cut out all that profit-sapping football from four-hour commercialthons. My TiVo missed the ending of every game I recorded because all spilled over the 3 hour window, despite nearly 20 plays for each team hacked off. Sign on up!

  • God bless YouTube. My favorite play of the week found its way onto the internet. See, I wasn't hallucinating when I saw it:

  • Joe Paterno is really old.

  • My Pick Six is dead. Having Colorado as your unranked team will do that. There's always next year.

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