Sunday, September 17, 2006

We All Deal With Losses in Our Own Special Way

It's a strange thing, being a college football fan. A win catapults you into an enchantingly euphoric psychosis unrivaled by the buzz from any drug you can eat, drink, smoke, or inject. On the other side of the coin, losses torpedo you into depths of depravity and depression that are positively frightening and unpredictable. But win or lose, we always learn something about ourselves at the end of the game. You make it through those first 24 hours, and then you strap your codpiece back on and go back on the canvas.

Suffice to say, some losses hurt more than others, and a sober analysis on the day after brings you face to face with the demons that torment and, simultaneously, drive the engine of your fanhood. Sometimes, it ain't all that pretty.

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