Friday, September 08, 2006

Last Post Before South Bend

Well, folks, I'm outta here to hit the Dan Ryan expressway and, with any luck, make it to South Bend sometime before gametime. Damn construction. Anyway, here's some quick tidbits:

  • The Shirt Store has a few new additions. To be honest with you, I don't know if any women read this site, but if they do, they are cordially to join the army of "Brady's Ladies". I have three designs for showing off your creepy love affair with the Heisman trophy hopeful. For all you male readers, you can buy one and hang onto it on the off chance that someday you might obtian a girlfriend.

    You're a lady, you love Brady. It's elementary, really.

  • If you want to meet me and get a signed copy of Here Come The Irish, I'll be at the Bookstore from 9AM to 11AM with a few other authors. After that wraps up, I will be tailgating around the JACC area. Listen for my rebel yell and follow the commotion.

  • Mike at Black Shoe Diaries wrote a very cool essay about what Joe Paterno means to Penn State which is up over at Blue-Gray Sky. While a lot of people like to take cracks at Paterno's senility (but not me. I would never take a cheap shot at a coaching legend, I have way too much class and integrity), it's cool to see the other side of things and get a glimpse at how important Paterno really is to his fanbase. Good stuff. If I was capable of feeling guilty for mercilessly mocking somebody, I would be getting a twinge right now.

  • Go Irish! I'll be back on Sunday!


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