Monday, November 20, 2006

Blogpoll: Too Obsessed With Southern Cal to Come Up With Good Snark Edition

1 Ohio State --
2 Southern Cal 2
3 Florida 2
4 Michigan 2
5 Notre Dame 2
6 Arkansas --
7 Boise State 3
8 Wisconsin 3
9 Auburn 4
10 LSU 2
11 Rutgers 8
12 Georgia Tech 4
13 Louisville 5
14 Texas --
15 Boston College 4
16 West Virginia 1
17 Virginia Tech 7
18 Oklahoma 2
19 Tennessee 4
20 Brigham Young 2
21 Nebraska 2
22 Wake Forest 13
23 Hawaii 2
24 California 6
25 Houston 1
Dropped Out: Maryland (#21).
Do me a favor right now. Go down to your basement or crawl space or wherever it is you store all your cardboard boxes from when you moved into your current residence. Gather them all up and pile them up in the center of your living room. Now, get violently, violently, violently drunk off of the brown liquor of your choosing. Now, off with those pants. Done all that? Allright, now throw Dropkick Murphy's "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" into your stereo and crank it as loud as humanly possible. The intro is a little slow, so get yourself psyched up by slapping yourself as hard as possible in the face on every downbeat.

The second you start hearing screaming, take off at a full sprint and jump onto your couch, catapult yourself in the air with the natural springiness of the cushions, do a triply Lindy, and come crashing down onto your pile of boxes with the full unearthly force of the great girth God gave ya.


It's fucking USC week.

Which reminds me... blogpoll...

    Enjoy that number two ranking, bitchfaces.

  • Michigan drops down to 4 after the loss. Michigan is a great team this year, but I think it's pretty clear to everybody they got completely outclassed by Ohio State. Despite what the final score said, it wasn't even all that close. Ohio State rolled up 500 yards of offense. Michigan scores a purely cosmetic touchdown and conversion aided on a phantom pass interference to end all phantom pass interferences. And Ohio State still enjoyed a double-digit lead despite three gift-wrapped turnovers that must have been caused by the invisible hand of Bo Schembechler reaching up onto the field.

    It's silly to put Michigan at number 2 right now, because a rematch would be pretty pointless. Although, quite frankly, I'm getting the feeling that the BCS Championship game is pretty pointless at this time.

    (yeah, I said "up")

  • Not particularly interested in the rest of the poll. I kept the Rutgers-Louisville-West Virginia chain intact, which apparently all the other pollsters are too cool to do. Seriously, how is West Virginia ranked ahead of Louisville? Are you going to give me the "They're clearly not the same team that they were a few weeks ago" shtick?

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