Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh, Song Girls. Words Cannot Describe My Relationship With You

Let's just say that my relationship with the USC Song Girls is marked with peaks and valleys. From day to day, it ranges from soaring admiration and true unselfish love to shock and confusion while yet another 500-yard restraining order is slapped on me in a Los Angeles county courtroom. Yet, throughout these trials and tribulations, I have always remained faithful.

Anywho, the Song Girls restored my faith in songgirldom this afternoon with yet another display of empty-headed ineptitude. I'm sure all of you remember last year's gaffe when a Song Girl cheered for Vince Young's game-winning touchdown, and history found a way to repeat itself today. Witness, if you will, a Song Girl cheering on the UCLA extra point. Sigh. If any of those lovely ladies need a personal tutor in the intricacies of the college football game, well, the House Rock Built Academy for the Advancement of Hot and Really Skinny California Babes in College Football Rules Comprehension (tHRBAoH&RSCBiCFBRC, to the layman) is open 24/7. For serious.

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