Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ring the Sale Bell, We've Got a 20th Recruit!

Hot diggety damn, the Irish have picked up their 20th recruit of the class of 2007, nabbing Ohio prep kicker/punter Brandon Walker. Walker will be stepping into a pretty heated battle for the starting placekicker job, plus there's an opportunity for him to take over punting duties after fifth-year senior Geoff Price hangs up the cleats after this season.

Walker de-committed from Louisville after Bobby Petrino took off for the big bucks in the NFL, so while not technically a "poached" recruit, there still is a good chance that Steve Kragthorpe will ritualistically devour an infant to keep the Wheel of Pain a-spinnin'. Or perhaps he'll just post up new Cardinal Willie Williams on a freeway overpass and have him pelt unsuspecting drivers with water balloons full of urine (bonus points for convertibles).

Anyway, with 20 elite recruits sealed up, it looks like the target list for 2007 is more or less empty. The only goal left for the next week is to desperately hang onto every committed recruit like grim death until they're able to put ink to paper on National Signing Day on February 7. With all the sharks in the water, there's already been message board hooplah about a few recruits getting sniffs from Pete Carroll and Urban Meyer, but nothing has developed to the point of premature panic yet. So pop in your mouthguard, hang on tight, and ride out this last wild week of recruiting season.

To celebrate Walker's commitment, here's a touching little diddy about the life of a kicker:

They're... going... for........ twooooo

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