Monday, January 15, 2007

The House Rock Built Won its Wager... Just Barely

While most of you were lazily flipping around through bowl games on New Years Day, sleeping off your hangover and idly watching some postseason exhibitions, the House Rock Built was riveted to his seat and glued to the Capital One Bowl. You see, I may have shot off my mouth a little bit in my preseason blogpoll roundtable, and ended up promising to photgraph myself in Razorbacks boxers if the Hogs ended the sesason at or above Phil Steele's ridiculous preseason ranking of #13. Well, my last shot came in bowl week, when an scrappy underdog Wisconsin Badgers held off the Hogs in an excruciatingly long defensive slugfest, 17-14.

Lucky me, the 'Backs finished the year ranked #15 and #16, narrowly avoiding massive embarassment on my part. So, my fortunate readers, you will not be subjected to a picture of me in Razorbacks underwear, you lucky bastards. However, if you were really excited about seeing a picture of somebody wearing Hogs boxers, well, here's Scarlett Johannsen.

Don't thank me for the eye candy, thank Bret Bielema

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