Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Signing Day is Coming!

We're one day away from Signing Day, and everyone is on edge. Mike Frank and the gang over at Irish Eyes are furiously making calls tonight to confirm everyone is set to sign and fax their letters of intent. If you're an Irish Eyes member, you can swing by the chat to check out the latest progress. At this point, a large percentage of the 20 commits have been confirmed, but there are still a handful of recruits who haven't answered their phones tonight. We'll be monitoring the situation diligently.

After everything is finalized and the press conference is finished, the House will do a special tribute to the class of 07 for those of you who have had more important things to do than follow recruiting or want a quick refresher of this year's class (complete with The House Rock Built's official prospect rating scale which ranges from one to 8.5 Angry Drunk Vikings).

Serenity Now!

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