Monday, December 12, 2005

Dink & Dunk: No Football Edition

Dink & Dunk didn't get to watch any college football this weekend. Instead, they ran around a public park in their Grant Irons jerseys and made airplane noises. Please come back, College Football. We're begging you.

And the Winner is...
Vince Young won the Maxwell Award, also known as "College Football's Miss Congeniality Award", for the best player with absolutely no shot of winning the big award.
This will make quite a fetching addition to the mantle:

Mad Props
A frosty beer to the lads over at Blue-Gray Sky, who are currently mopping the floor with the competition in the WebLog awards (or is it WeBlog, or WeblOg?). Good freakin' on them. BGS rocks my world and is one of the best places on the internet. Edit: It looks like Athletics Nation is pulling a fast one and trying to stuff the ballot box. Screw that noise. Get on there and lead our loyal lads to victory.
How much do you guys know about the BGS editors? Take this online quiz to find out! Just match the fact with the contributor and check your score at the end.

Jay A. Fathered six starters on the 1988 National Championship Team
Pat B. Broke Monk Malloy's tibia at a Bookstore Basketball game. Neither one was playing Bookstore Basketball at the time.
Mike C. Sent 53 Michigan State fans to the hospital after a bar brawl in East Lansing. Afterwards, was quoted saying it was the worst sixth birthday party ever.
Jeff D. Only has one drink a day. That drink, however, is a six-liter bottle of home-brewed Moonshine.
Dylan E. Has monthly parties on the ND jet featuring throngs of supermodels and top-shelf liquor.

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