Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Strength of Schedule?

The NCAA has a handy-dandy little spreadsheet available that claims to show "Strength of Schedule" rankings for college football teams. Click here to have a gander. Now, some of you may be confronted with this document to explain Notre Dame's 58th-ranked schedule. Since the picture is on NCAA letterhead, one might presume it's credible, but it ain't. These rankings are completely worthless.

To the eggheads at NCAA, they came up with this SOS by adding all your opponents wins and adding all their losses and coming up with a win percentage. Nice going, geniuses, you got a team of monkeys working around the clock for that one? Here's your big rebuttal. Ball State played the #24 schedule. Take a gander

Sat, Sep 3 at Iowa L 0-56
Sat, Sep 10 Bowling Green L 31-40
Sat, Sep 17 at (9) Auburn L 3-63
Sat, Oct 1 at (21) Boston College L 0-38
Sat, Oct 8 at Western Michigan W 60-57
Sat, Oct 15 Toledo L 14-34
Sat, Oct 22 at Ohio L 21-38
Sat, Oct 29 at Northern Illinois W 31-17
Sat, Nov 5 Akron W 23-17
Sat, Nov 12 at Eastern Michigan W 26-25
Sat, Nov 19 Central Michigan L 24-31

Heaven forbid Notre Dame take on this murderer's row. They'd be lucky to win five games. Any remotely due dilligence, like for example Jeff Sagarin's rankings, puts Ball State's SOS in the mid-fifties. But hey, who has time to do all that work?

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