Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Liveblogging Second Half

  • Couple of touchdowns, a couple more beers. I thought that the lads at BON were huffing on some dynamite hack when they said Vince Young is the best player in this game. Suddenly, it's starting to make sense to me.

    Cannonball. Cannonball coming

  • Keith Jackson, 5 minutes left in the third quarter: This extra point for the win!
  • That extra point is starting to look meaningful.
  • Gratuitous shot of Matt Leinart's dad. Drink.
  • Jesus tap-dancing Christ, nice run. Reggie Bush is okay. Maybe one of the two best players on the field.

  • It's an epidemic, I tell you

  • Jackson: And it's ruled a fumble, Trojan Ball! Um, in my mind, of course.
  • Southern Cal is sitting back and making Vince Young win the ballgame with his arm, which seems to be fine by Vince.
  • Casey Studdard recovers a fumble! I went to grade school with him and his older sister back in Highlands Ranch. You might remember his pops, a stalwart for the Denver Broncos by the name of Dave Studdard.

  • Represent.

  • A made field goal! Finally!
  • SC is tearing it up in the second half here. And now it's a two touchdown game. Kind of feels like watching an avalanche.

  • Okay, no more liveblogging. This is getting interesting.

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