Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dink & Dunk: Cheese Sandwich Edition

Wink Dinkins and Buck Dunkowitz have been taking turns slapping each other in the face since Saturday.

  • Well, it's Tuesday night. You know what that means? Time for some Southern Miss football!
    I think the SMQ needs to change his moniker to the Wednesday Morning Quarterback. Additionally, Tuesday Night football in Tulsa doesn't really draw much of a crowd. You'd think with the national television and all they'd be able to sell more than a third of their seats.

  • Seeing Michigan State's rapid and agonizing spiral down the toilet reminds me it's time for my annual dental checkup. Seriously, you can set your watch to it.
    Big time respect for John L. Smith this year, for exceeding even my own wild expectations for the grandiosity of MSU's annual meltdown. I never thought I'd be surprised by the magnitude a Spartan September Flameout, but I guess I just haven't been watching college football long enough.

    In fact, I'm booking the party next year for Michigan State's meltdown. And guess what? You're all invited!

  • Our astute commentator samari had this recap of the TCU-BYU midweek grudgematch: "BYU totally made a sandwich with TCU's cheese and TCU didn't even complain." Thanks for stopping by, Horny Toads, but it looks like it's about midnight for the non-BCS conference Cinderellas.
    The only hope left for the mid-majors are Boise State, Louisville, West Virginia, and Rutgers.

  • God bless the coaches and their infinite polling wisdom. After sitting down and watching four quarters of Georgia Tech mopping the floor with Virginia Tech, they decided, in their wisdom, that GT is just a tiny bit worse than Virginia Tech, ranking them two spots below the Hokies.
    I also voted Calvin Johnson two spots below the entire Virginia Tech secondary on my Heisman ballot.

Number 11 rules! Calvin Johnson? Ehh... not so good.

  • How much do Texas A&M fans love their team? Um, apparently this much:

    I once squeezed my undercarriage for 30 seconds for tickets to a Rush concert. And Rush rocks about a thousand times harder than Dennis Franchione.

Catch you next week, losers! We're going to play against Sam Houston State on NCAA 07 for XBox. Why? Because we're classless cowards.

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