Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunday Night Thoughts

  • My thoughts and prayers are with Mike Valenti. Detroit-area readers, please kindly report to me via e-mail what transpires on Monday's show in the wake of Sparty's insanely idiotic loss to Illinois. My guess is that he will be quite a bit more subdued. The Notre Dame loss was a kick in the fruitstand, violently angry loss. A loss to Illinois is when the light goes out. My prediction is a brief bit of wallowing in his trashed program, a renouncement of all things Spartan, and an ultimatum to never discuss that accursed team again until they have a new head coach. At least that's the healthy thing to do.

  • The sidebar was getting a little outdated, so I updated it. Up top, you've got links to the Notre Dame Fanhouse which, in case you don't know already, I write for. I also threw up a link for a House Rock Built Facebook Group. I'm kind of an amateur at this whole Facebook thing, but apparently it's all the rage with the kids today. And you know me, I'm nothing if not hip. I also threw up a few more blogs I've been meaning to blogroll. In the wake of Notre Dame's recent resurgence, there has been a flood of upstart Irish blogs. In order to keep my already-overflowing Irish blogroll reasonable, I'm holding off on linking any sites until I've had a few weeks of reading it to make sure it's interesting and regularly-updated.

  • Blogpoll ballot is coming out tomorrow. Prepare to be shocked. I've got a pretty long streak of winning Mr. Bold (for largest deviation from the herd), and I have a feeling I might be on track for it this week as well. I'm going to try to get it up early so I can get some commentary and maybe some of you can talk me out of my more outrageous decisions. Here's a teaser: Texas is barely, barely in the top 20. Poll and explanation forthcoming.

    Congratulations on beating Sam Houston State. The real Sam Houston would whip your ass for playing such a candy-ass schedule.

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