Sunday, September 09, 2007

Gooooo Food-Ball! The House Rock Built Hobo Tour 07 Hits Northwestern

Bask in its purpleness! Nobody in the stands could explain why there is a giant "Z" at midfield.
Week two is in the books, ladies, and the wheel of pain keeps on a-spinnin'. The House Rock Built took the show on the road this weekend and hoofed it up to Evanston (the mythical magical suburb that is completely inaccessible by any known highway) to take in the Northwestern - Nevada morning game. The only way to get there? Up, Left, Down, Left, dawg.

Difficuilty getting there aside, it was a solid road trip and a good way for me to get Bloo and the interns out of the Fire Mark May compound while Trev Alberts was in his dreaded and hyperdestructive "brown liquor mood". The sun was shining bright, the ladies were... um, nonthreatening, and the game was, in three words, purple, purple, and purpler. I know that, strictly speaking, Nevada-Reno sports "Cobalt Blue", but as you can see, it leans precariously on the indigo side of the visible light spectrum. Combined with the raging "Royal Purple" duds the Wildcats were sporting, the entire scene was horrifyingly nerve-racking for an acute porphyrophobic like myself who has spent years in counseling and countless dollars on prescription medication to control their condition. A lot of positive work was undone in one afternoon... homeboy fell off the wagon.

Fucking kill it!

The locals treated us to some entertainment, particularly this enthusiastic pep poster we spotted on the shuttle from the (free of charge, motherfuckers!) parking lot to Ryan Field. I'd like to introduce the world to "Go Food-Ball!", the newest House Rock Built Neologism that I'm really hoping catches on across the college football world. Say it loud, say it proud. Go Food-Ball.

The newest member of the HRB Neologism family. Eight pounds, six ounces of pure college football hilarity. Photo adeptly snapped by the Irish Outsider.

One final cosmetic note about the game is the incredibly similarity in the logos of the two teams. The similarity is so striking that I can't help but theorize that the only reason these two teams, with nary a geographic or historical tie betwixt them, scheduled each other for a September non-conference game: a drunken challenge between two athletic directors at the annual NCAA rules meetings about who has the better anthropomorphic quasi-purple "N" logo.

Northwestern, meet bizarro Northwestern.

Oh, and the game was awesome, too. In a weekend with some big-time laughers (every game that was broadcast in Chicago was settled by more than 30 points), watching Northwestern's quarterback, C.J. Not-Kafka lead the Cats on a last-minute desperation drive to a game-winning touchdown with 26 seconds left was the thrill of the weekend. All in all, a pretty fun weekend. Keep your eyes open for future stops on the HRB Hobo Tour 07. Stay thirsty, my friends. Go Food-ball.

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