Friday, October 27, 2006

Blogjammin': House Rock Built Talks Pirates With the SMQ

Lucky you, today you get a double dose of Blogjammin' (like the name? I do), where I bash melons together with another college football blogger about an upcoming game. I'm currently formatting my Blogjammin' with Navy blogger Adam Nettina, where we go over 43 year streaks and, of course, Hot Shots! Part Deux.

Additionally, I enjoyed a savory catered meal on the SMQ's yacht and talked some football. You see, the SMQ needed an expert on East Carolina to preview the Southern Miss-ECU tilt this weekend. As no such individual exists on this earth, I graciously volunteered my time to share my wisdom about ECU, as well as everything I know about pirates (i.e., a lot). Just be warned, a lot of my answers might be slight exaggerations or slight complete fabrications, as I'm a little bit rusty on my East Carolina knowledge. For example, I didn't even know it was a state until this afternoon.

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