Monday, December 04, 2006

Notre Dame vs. LSU, Sugar Bowl, January 3

Strap it on, Irish fans, we're off to the Big Easy to take on the home-state LSU Tigers. They're big, fast, brutal, and ranked #4 in the country. It's a huge game and the Irish will be a prohibitive underdog playing essentially a road game against the Bayou Bengals.

Listen up, Irish fans. The city of New Orleans desperately needs a big time event to help rebuild their fragile infrastructure, and suffice to say, they're not going to get big tourism dollars from the majority of LSU fans who live within driving distance of the Superdome. Therefore, the sole responsibility of rejuvinating the economy of New Orleans falls on Irish tourists. So get out there and funnel fresh money into the hotels, restaurants, liquor resale businesses, and the G-strings of the throngs of poor, hungry, destitute strippers of New Orelans. Do it for the children.

Oh, and a quick and dirty (and wholly unnecessary) defense of Notre Dame's BCS bid is up at the fanhouse. Not that there's much to talk about. The only other qualified at-large team was West Virginia, and you can bet that the Sugar Bowl Committee would be doing the city of New Orleans a huge disservice if they turned down the cash cow of Notre Dame and instead opted to have all of their already sparse supply of non-flooded couches torched.

   or    ?
Which will help the New Orleans rebuilding project more?

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