Thursday, January 05, 2006

Rose Bowl Bonanza

Sweet heavenly hell in a tuna basket. Pardon my French, but that was un hellofafuckinggame! A slow-paced, tentative first half. A second half full of offensive fireworks. Reggie Bush gets all broken and goes crazy up in he hizzy for a touchdown. Vince Young flings defensive linemen and linebackers around the field. Leinart completes like fifty passes in a row. Young grabs the rock and dinks and dunks all over the field. A daring fourth down call to ice the game backfires on Pete Carroll, and Vince Young guides us to ninety seconds for the ages.

But that's not all. Keith Jackson in tears! Bonanza!

And just when you thought you'd seen everything, something truly crazy happens. In the mobbed postgame interviews, Matt Leinart is answering some generic questions about how it feels and what the team has accomplished, blah blah blah. He rattles off the answer to the last question and walks away. As he's leaving, the reporter (Holly Rowe?) says:
Win or lose, a great career Vince, thanks.

Don't believe me? Listen for Yourself. I had to wind back the TiVo and record it on my cellphone, because even I didn't believe it had just happened. Share it with your friends.

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