Thursday, October 05, 2006

El Internet Es Muerto, Site Updates Delayed

Sorry, kids, but the House Rock Built is currently on the backburner due to a deluge of Internet-related problems. Long story short, three hours of tech support calls later, it was determined that a busted router and modem have sidelined the House until new technology can be purchased. Curses!

Anyway, Friday Night Lites has been delayed, but not killed. I'm cruising out to Best Buy tomorrow morning to buy supplies and give my old pieces of crap the Trev Alberts treatment. My apologies for the delay.

This is what happens when you cross The House Rock Built. Run back and tell the rest of the routers.

Anyway, FNL should be up sometime tomorrow afternoon. We'll have the SMQ taking some time out of his educational pursuits to do a midseason wrap up, plus an extra extra special guest that, trust me on this one, will be very worth the wait.

Thanks for your patience.

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