Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blogpoll: I'm So Much Cooler Online Edition

1 LSU 25
2 Oklahoma 24
3 California 23
4 Southern Cal 22
5 Florida 21
6 West Virginia 20
7 Oregon 19
8 Clemson 18
9 South Carolina 17
10 Texas 16
11 Wisconsin 15
12 Georgia Tech 14
13 Rutgers 13
14 UCLA 12
15 Nebraska 11
16 Penn State 10
17 Arkansas 9
18 Ohio State 8
19 South Florida 7
20 Louisville 6
21 Boston College 5
22 Texas A&M 4
23 Georgia 3
24 Washington 2
25 Hawaii 1
Howdy Doody, y'all. I submitted my ballot just under the wire, but I'm just giving you the full writeup today. You can check the final blogpoll and see what the blogsphere said. I'm a bit relieved to see that I didn't win any crazy voter awards, so I appear to be in my right mind, for what that's worth. Let's have a look-see...

  • You'll notice that the delta is screwed up. Somebody was a little busy and didn't get his ballot in on time last week. Heh.

  • LSU is Number One. What else can I say... after watching their savage beat-down of Virginia Tech, there's really nothing else you can say about this team. Okay, there is exactly one thing you can say about this team. But talk is cheap. A cartoon I frantically whipped up is worth a thousand words:

  • Geaux-rilla with a chainsaw penis. Our national nightmare has arrived.

  • It seems like everyone else loves chainsaw penises, too. As the blogpoll at large also catapulted LSU into the number one spot above idle USC. Nothing against the fine program in Southern California, who dropped a few slots after eating cheeseburgers, but at this point, I'm more bullish on the teams who have really demonstrated their savagery on the field. USC's lone game is a kind of meh victory over Idaho. Worry not, because USC will be back on the scene making people look ridiculous soon enough, and their bump in the polls will follow. I think it's going to be a stormy day in Lincoln.

  • Nonexistant Defense? Prepare to plunge. Decked from #8 in my preseason poll to #25 after an unbelievably terrible outing on defense against Louisiana Tech, Hawaii lost all the goodwill they had built with me by showing that a bunch of varsity cheerleaders could rack up 500 yards against them. Sure, Colt Brennan can fun and gun his way to a bunch of victories without any help from the "D", but you can only spin that wheel so many times before your luck runs out. Ditto Louisville. While Middle Tennessee State has an awesome fight song (it's "Take Me Out to the Ballgame") and a totally bad-ass Pegasus mascot, giving up a thousand points and ten thousand yards to them means you're not ready for showtime. It's only a matter of time before somebody ridiculous knocks off the Cards.

  • A man's mascot. Neigh, a man's man's mascot.

  • Greetings, Tyrone Willingham! Your stay in the top 25 will be over quickly. You will not enjoy this. I am not your king.

Well, that's what I've got for you. Tomorrow afternoon I'll put up my scintilating tete-a-tete with mgoblog's Brian Cook, where we talk about the upcoming game, my legendary bedroom skills, Ryan Mallett's customized helmet, and other stuff I'm sure you're dying to know.

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