Monday, October 09, 2006

Blogpoll Preliminary Ballot: How Am I Supposed to Know When You're High? Edition

1 Ohio State --
2 Florida 2
3 Michigan 1
4 Southern Cal 1
5 Tennessee 3
6 Louisville --
7 Notre Dame 2
8 Auburn 5
9 California 4
10 Georgia Tech 2
11 Oregon 4
12 Texas 8
13 Arkansas 13
14 Boise State 4
15 West Virginia 4
16 Georgia 5
17 Missouri 4
18 Iowa --
19 LSU 5
20 Nebraska 6
21 Clemson 4
22 Rutgers --
23 Navy --
24 UCLA 2
25 Virginia Tech 1
Dropped Out: Oklahoma (#15), Boston College (#16), Washington (#24), Wake Forest (#25).
Blogpoll week 6 is up, for entertainment purposes only.

Lots of moving and shaking. God help me, I might just not win Mr. Bold this week, since a lot of my rankings have come to terms with the commonly accepted wisdom after an important day of football games that helped a lot of teams prove where they belong. The highlights and apologism:

  • Welcome to number 2, Gators. An impressive sequence of wins catapults the Gators to the penultimate spot. This is a reward for their performance so far, but the conventional wisdom at the House Rock Built suggests that it's a temporary honor. Looking ahead to the Gators' schedule, I would be stunned as hell if they can live through the crux of their SEC schedule unscathed, particularly when it's back-to-back-to-back. Granted, I'll be the first to bow down and praise the great Robot Genius Urban Bowden Meyer and his infinitely wise slap-on-the-wrist suspensions for substance abuse should they run the gamut undefeated, but I'm guessing I'll be availed of that duty sometime in the next few weeks.

    Seriously, though. Talk about coaching acumen. To observe a situation where a it's useful to have a star defensive tackle back in your lineup and to have the gumption to revoke his marijuana suspension is a moment of profound coaching clarity up there with Knute Rockne's invention of the forward pass and the "Win One for the Gipper" speech. Kudos to Coach Fulmer Meyer for shattering coaching conventions in the name of the success on the field.

    Big game tomorrow? Then allow me to roll that big-assed blunt!

  • Texas joins the relatively elite! Stop the presses, everyone! Texas beat a Division 1A football team! I know it's a stunning twist of fate... and after a few rounds with the defibrulator, I elected to bump them up several spots in the rankings.

    Now that Oklahoma has been dispatched, you're up next, Mid City Pee Wee. Prepare to meet your death at the hands of the Longhorn killing machine.

  • All hail Arkansas! A staggering leap in the polls after knocking around Auburn. Am I sweating my ass off about my preseason wager about Arkansas' performance? Yes. A little bit so, yes. I still have faith, but seeing them actually play like a football team made me think about going on a crash diet before the end of the season. For your sake and all.

    Please make it not so.

So there it is. Again, I have until Wednesday to finalize my ballot. See any egregious errors? Make yourself heard in the comments. I actually made several serious adjustments last week after my wise readers pointed out my drunken idiocy on some of my picks. Let me reiterate: your opinion counts. I'm here to serve.

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