Friday, October 06, 2006

Hey! Glory! We're Back Online!

First, the good news. Thanks to my awesome computer nerding skills, the House is alive again! The bad news is, Friday Night Lites will not be seen at its regularly-scheduled time. My apologies for building it up so much and whatnot, but them's the breaks.

I'm off to South Bend, so I'll be out and about doing some brutal tree massacre. If you're an Irish fan who lives within a few hours of South Bend, I would advise you come down as well, as early word out of the Bend is there is a staggering surplus of tickets, thanks to the unfathomable ineptitude of our opponent. No worries, though, because a football weekend in South Bend is always rocking, no matter who we're playing. So come on down and have a brewski on me!

I suppose I've been a bit remiss in my duties for giving you a full Stanford scouting report, so here's the quick and dirty version of it. Stanford is 0-5. Tiger Woods went to Stanford. Tiger Woods' wife is really, really hot. End of scouting report.

Don't be distracted, men. We've got a game to win out there.

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