Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Night Lites - Bringing the Hate

On a very touching Friday Night Lites, we preview the Michigan State game by having a chat with The Enlightened Spartan, then wrap things up with a chat with the House Rock Built's consiglieri Captain Eclectic, who gives a personal account of the life of a tortured Domer hailing from that awful, awful state of Michigan. You want highlights? Here's some highlights:

  • We answer the timeless question... after you have sex with a girl, is it impolite to plant a flag in the middle of her bedroom? (Answer: hell no!)
  • For some reason, there is some mention of dead fetuses. What the hell is this show coming to?
  • We test the education the Enlightened Spartan received at his Agricultural College. The results are less than impressive (he doesn't even know how many gallons of milk the average dairy cow produces in a day).
  • We do John L. Smith impersonations. These players are working their backsides off, but the goddamn coaching staff is screwing it all up!
  • Speaking of John L. Smith, we found his love parents:

    Dick Vitale


    Sling Blade


    John L. Smith

And updated Lightning Round stats. Two big hitters today:

Lightning Round Leaderboard
The Enlightened Spartan
Captain Eclectic
Brian (mgoblog)
Yost (The M Zone)
Mike (Fire Mark May)
Jay (Blue-Gray Sky)
Orson (EDSBS)

Enjoy, you savages!

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